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Nulook Creations over the years have successfully completed many commercial projects. Careful management of the projects including fabrication, installation and glazing is an important part of this success.

General commercial projects can range from a simple shopfront to a complex office building.

Consistent across all these is a need to deliver accurate, quality product to specification on time.



Nulook Creations have been actively involved in many retail developments of varying scales.

In the retail sector these projects generally have set and often widely publicised opening dates requiring active project management to ensure these dates are met. Delays are not acceptable.

Minimising disruption for alterations whilst customers continue trading or assisting in the design of situation specific solutions are key features of Nulook Creations service.


We generally view apartments as a general catch all for multi dwelling units.

A range of products is important for the varied aspects of this type of construction to cater for aesthetics, strength and the particular market the apartments are pitched for.

We have available a full range of products to cater for this market from standard high performance residential to mid & high end architectural.


Joinery & glazing in schools must be treated differently from a general commercial project.

They often require a greater robustness than general applications. Also, the Ministry of Education, individual Boards of Trustees and specialist architects have all developed individual needs.

Nulook Creations have over the years become accustomed to filling these needs successfully & practically. We cater for disabled access through special sill details & doorway widths, non-protruding window systems including Shuggs, louvres and heavy duty sliding windows, window control gear either manual or electric and heavy duty door panels with torsional blocks.

We have a lot of experience in both new school buildings or refurbishments of existing buildings.