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The preferred commercial window is the 40mm product, 40mm refering to the glazing platform. It is generally used in low & high rise buildings and has a wide range of design options to it. The 40mm suite gives flush exterior lines with all mullion stiffening on the interior utilising box back mullions.

Nulook Creations have the full 40mm suite available to them which has the following advantages:

Single glazing (to 10.38mm) and double glazing (to 24mm).
25mm flange cover.
Can be either chair framed or flanged framed.
Seismic outer frame available.
Intergration with commercial door suites.
In many commercial applications a high performance residential window suite is more suitable for the project.

Nulook Creations often recommend the Nu Tech Weathertight suite for these projects for its strength, durability, weathertightness and breadth of product range.

The Weathertight suite is constructed utilising advanced fabrication methods including crimped corners & screwless mullions & transoms (great for flat headflashings, putting windows to the soffit & bringing cladding, like alucabond, into the window).

It is capable of double glazing up to 24mm glass.

For further information and CAD or PDF details on 40mm commercial window extrusions refer to