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Sliding and stacking doors offer greater flexibility for designers. Doors can be as high as 2.7m. The external bottom rolling panels provide an attractive clear sill along with a low friction easy rolling action.

Maximum sizes for UrbanSlider™ doors and stacking doors vary by width, height, wind zone, and glazing requirement. Your local Nulook fabricator will be able to advise you whether a configuration is possible or contact NALCO Technical support.

  As a guide, UrbanSlider™ sliding and stacking door panels of 2.4m high by 2.0m wide are attainable. Fixed panels of similar sizes are recommended.

Frame Types

  • A one piece UrbanSlider™ sliding and separate stacking frame is available with a 19mm facing cover. Both frames work off a 81mm liner deduction.
  • Square shaped over light transom and mullion.
  • Heavy and light interlockers single and double glazed.
  • Flush sill design.
  • Outside slider with unique panel retainer design.
  • Two frame cover extensions that increase facing cover by 21mm are also available when required.